It was announced that Katie Cassidy who was playing Laurel Lance/Black Canary would leave on Season 4 of hit CW TV show ‘Arrow’. However, even if Laurel is dead but Katie is coming back to the show as Laurel’s doppelganger Black Siren.

She will come back as Black Siren for the final two episodes of season 5 and starting season 6 she will became a series regular.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Katie back to Arrow as Black Siren, though as her appearances on Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow this season show, she never really left the family” reports ‘Arrow’ creative team.

The has appeared as Black Siren before on ‘The Flash’ and ‘Legends of Tomorow’.

For those who weren’t big fans of Laurel – don’t fret, this character is much darker and different from Laurel Lance. Tho if you were a fan then this is a perfect chance to see more of Katie Cassidy on screen.


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