Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been on air for the longest time. Pretty good for a reality show. Recently, the show has been suffering from low ratings which means that there are plenty of speculations about it’s cancellation.

The show’s 13 season had the lowest ratings ever. At the moment, the show is produced by the mother Kardashian – Kris Jenner. However, reports are flowing that each episode the ratings are lower and lower.

A source close to the production team mentioned that the big, special episodes were supposed to bring in big rating which they failed to do. Not even the episode about Kim’s robbery attracted enough attention.

The show is expensive to produce which makes harder to pay salaries, production costs and the low ratings make it much more difficult.

Many fans are ranting on social media about the show being pointless or boring. 

Considering that the this is a reality show and it has been out there for such a long time, it is natural that eventually they run out of things to show. Recently the fandom of the younger Jenner sisters is what kept the show going but that is not enough to keep the show going.

Right now the show’s future is in the hands of the network and we’ll see which direction they choose to go.


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