Recently I wrote that the Kardashians are having trouble with ratings of their reality show and now it seems like they are doing everything to save that show.

In the recent episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, that aired on Sunday night, Kim got the news that she cannot get pregnant again.

Apparently, she wants to have another baby with her husband Kanye West. However, over the phone call that she received from her doctor, it was revealed that due to the issues of her health that she had while delivering her other two children, she should not try to get pregnant again since it would be dangerous for her own life. Kim K. seemed very sad about these news.

All of this occurred just weeks after her husband has been hospitalized and, not to mention, her robbery in Paris. So recently the reality star has been very unlucky.

TheHollywoodGossip reports that, E! execs are troubled by the show’s sharp decline in their most successful demigraphic  and they really doubt whether the show will be given another season. According to them, the storyline with Kim’s new baby was developed by Kim K. herself in order to get more ratings.

“Kris offered Kim and Kanye several million dollars a week if they can get the ratings up,” says the production insider.

There is no surprise that the family that is known for creating fake stories and their own show has ran out of ideas and this just proves that. Not to fear, the family have a lot of side jobs so whatever happens to show , they will be good for years.



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