It seems like Mariah Carey simply cannot find true or real love out there. Not that long ago she got divorced from Nick Cannon, later ended her engagement with millionaire James Packer and now she broke up with her new boyfriend Bryan Tanaka. And all this happened within the last year.

Multiple sources report that her new boo Bryan was really jealous of Mariah’s relationship with her ex Nick Cannon. Nick and Mariah have to maintain a healthy relationship since they have two children together. And Bryan got very unhappy about this.

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*PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE* Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka Pack On The PDA Causing A Nip Slip In Hawaii

Apparently, Bryan would make jealousy scenes for Mariah about spending time with the father of the twins and would leave her from anger. Also Bryan could not afford to spoil Mariah as much as her former beu’s since he was a dancer and that probably put some tension on the relationship as well.

If you ask me, Bryan was acting childish. Mariah has to maintain a relationship with Nick because of the children and it is great that they are that close. But no one saw this relationship going far anyway.

We’ll see where she’ll go next.



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