itw_coverIn Touch magazine recently published an article about Angelina Jolie and her new man! That was certainly unexpected.

Reportedly, an unknown close friend of her’s told the magazine that she is already getting married. The person also revealed that Angelina’s mystery man is a wealthy man in his 40’s and British philanthropist business man.

Jolie has not yet commented on this story. Reportedly the man has not met her kids yet tho.

This wedding is insanely quick considering that has filed for divorce from husband Brad Pitt only 7 months ago.

In Touch also reported that Brad Pitt is shocked by these news and needs time to process this newly found engagement.

Jolie is “trying to speed up the divorce so she can tie the knot as quickly as possible,” the report reads.

The source also goes on to state that a “quickie wedding would be the ultimate payback” for Angelina.

Angelina has always be known to be more free-spirited and what so ever not strict with her children and Brad always just wanted a normal family life which raised difficulties in their relationship.

The reported wedding is going to happen sometime in the Summer in London of 2017.

Besides the secret source, there is no evidence to prove that this story is 100% true so all we can do now is wait for confirmation from Angelina or Brad’s camps.


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