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It has been couple months since Camila Cabello has left Fifth Harmony. So the girls are moving on and they appeared on the cover of ‘Galore‘ magazine!

The girls looked amazing in all leather. They opened up about new music, relationships and other exciting things for the future.

5H girls revealed that they have great energy in the group and are very open to each other.

Normani said, “We could be greater than we are if we just supported each other instead of looking at each other as competition. We could all win.”

They said that musically they get inspiration from many different woman but TLC and Destiny’s Child are their main inspiration as a band.


The girls opened up that dating has gotten a little more difficult since they are famous but with the right guy everything goes great! “They’re either super not the right guy, or dope as fuck. There’s no in between.They’re either trying to get something out of you, or they think you’re super dope.” said Lauren.

The magazine photo shoot was a throwback of all these legendary girl groups and the 5H looked badass!

Check out the full interview HERE.



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