Royal babies? Life & Style magazine reports that the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William Kate Middleton is pregnant. However, the magazine also claims that Prince Harry’s girlfriend actress Meaghan Markle is also pregnant!

These are mind blowing news! Kate and William already have 2 children and it would not come as surprise that they are expecting their third but this is happening so fast. However, the fact that Meaghan is pregnant is a little suspicious and definitely unexpected!

“And Meghan and Harry confessed to friends that they can’t wait to start a family!” a close source to the royal family claimed. “Meghan’s friends are speculating that she’s pregnant because she’s avoiding alcohol and has been complaining about feeling nauseous over recent weeks,” the source said. “She’s barely leaving the house right now.”

“Those close to Harry say he’s already building a nursery and making his cottage at Kensington Palace child-friendly,”the publication says. “Meghan has agreed to move to London.”

As for Kate, reportedly William is already picking baby names. He really like James, Olivia or Emily.

All of this might be just rumors or a outlandish way to sell magazines but we will only know for sure when it is confirmed. If Markle is in fact pregnant, something tells me that this would be a negative train for the royal family – child out of wedlock with an American girl.. yikes.

Putting all that royal stuff aside, really happy for both couples if this is true! Keep you updated!


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