Some people just have no boundries! Reportedly, Malia Obama has been harrased by a 30 year old man named Jair Nilton Cordoso.

Recently both of them have been in Washington, DC and in New York City on different occasions but the worst happened at Weinstein Company in Tribeca where she is interning.

On April 10, Jair came to the floor where Malia works and put a sign in the window asking her to marry him. But he didn’t stop there. He repeated this on 11th and 12th of April as well. Reportedly, he wanted to do this so he could get access to Barack Obama and get help for his country.

Gladly, the Secret Service handled him well and detained him in his Brooklyn apartment. From there he was taken to NYPD and later on to a mental institution for evaluation. However, there has not been any charges pressed against him.

However, this is not the first time Malia has been a victim of these creeps walking around just to have a sneek peek of her. Understandable that her family chose this life but the fact that the children have to suffer from it, just seem wrong.



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