There is more and more drama in this relationship. The internet has been exploding of the news about Mel B and her husband Stephen Belafonte’s nasty divorce.

Melanie Brown has filed divorce documents in court and wanted the husband not to be close to her daughter.

They have been married for over 10 years.

Ever since then , she claimed that he has abused her physically and emotionally. She even claimed that Stephan secretly recorded threesomes that the couple had with their nanny and now is using it for blackmail.Even more, Mel B was scared that Belafonte would murder her.

However, on Monday morning the court denied Mel’s attempt to deny her husband the right to spend time with his daughter.

Above all, the former Spice girl claimed that Stephan is a part-time porn producer and has multiple connections to the industry on his computers. Also, he is friends with the rapper True Life who has been in prison for murder and who spent time in their home or even with his daughter.

The court decided to give Belafonte visitation rights twice a week with professional supervision.

And now more drama is coming because the famous nanny, Lorraine Gilles has filed a defamation lawsuit against Melanie Brown.


Reportedly, the nanny claimed that Mel B destroyed her reputation not only regarding the threesomes but also when she claimed that Belafonte payed for her abortion.


She claimed that she was seduced as a young and naive 18-year-old student with alcohol,fame and sex. So now she is seeking for damage compensation.

Wonder where this story will go next. Keep you updated.

The nanny is just angry because of the ‘casual relations’ they had since the relationship lasted or 7 years! Maybe she was naive at first but nobody forced her to do anything and that is just sad. Don’t blame others when you are attracted to the money, girl.



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